Poo People

Wickliffe Dog, Cat & Geese Poop Removal

Wickliffe residents rejoice!  The Poo People is here to save the day!  Okay, maybe we can’t save your day, but we can surely scoop it away!  The poop that is…  If you are a pet owner and are tired of having to spend countless hours per month picking up your dogs waste (or changing the kitty litter boxes) then we are the perfect company for you.  Out of the 12,000ish residents in Wickliffe approximately 38% of them are dog owners.  This means that there are no less than 4,500 dogs in the city.  That’s a lot of dog poop!

The Poo People provides wide-ranging services that go above and beyond the pure “pet waste management” definition.  With every scheduled service call, we don’t just remove the waste in a professional and timely manner, but we also ensure that the commercial or residential property that we service is left with a clean & refreshing scent.  All trash liners and excess waste is also hauled away from the property and one of The Poo People representatives will spray the yard with our customized deodorizer which ensures that any foul smells don’t linger.  In addition to the pet waste management service, we also leave all of our client’s pets with treats (unless instructed otherwise) and a report card which documents the entirety of the services performed while on location.

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