Poo People

Valley View, Ohio – Dog Poop Removal & Pet Waste Management

Valley View is home to the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter and there really is no better place for the county’s shelter to be located.  Even though Valley View has a small population of roughly 2,000 residents the city is a huge dog loving community with events, restaurants and hotels that accommodate dogs.  The pet ownership rate in Valley View is almost at 50% as well.  With 38.4% of residents owning at least one dog and another 15%+ owning at least one cat.  That puts the city at one of the nations highest rates of pet ownership!

Having a dog or a cat is a great joy 99% of the time, however there is always that 1%.  This usually entails having to clean kitty litter boxes quite often and scooping up dog poop on a daily or weekly basis from the back/front yard.  In any case, the cleaning process can become tedious and also time consuming.  So much so that we are in business because so many people have realized that they would love to just enjoy life, their family and their pets while maximizing the quality time that they have on a daily basis.  There’s nothing better than being able to sit back and relax while we do the work!

The Poo People is the preferred pet waste management company in Valley View.  Residents are able to have their yards and homes rid of all excess pet waste and receive extensive lawn deodorizing, pet waste removal and haul away, liner replacements, a detailed service report card upon completion and much more.  The service is highly cost effective and complements you during all seasons.  Whether it be summer, fall, winter or spring, The Poo People has you covered!