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The Law of Dog Poop Cleanup in Ohio

If you’re a pet owner, you probably already know that dog poop pickup is just part of the job. But did you know that in many places throughout Ohio, it’s also the law?

That’s right – animal waste cleanup isn’t just something you do to be polite, it can actually be a misdemeanor if you skip it! That’s a lot more serious than just scorn from your neighbors!

Here are just a couple of the laws you may be on the wrong side of in the Cleveland area if you decide to skip out on dog poop removal in Ohio.

Cleveland Dog Waste Removal Ordinance

The Cleveland, Ohio, Code of Ordinances, § 603.04 Dog Nuisances has two major rules for dog waste removal.

The obvious one is simply that dog poop cleanup is not optional. When you are anywhere other than your own private property, animal waste pickup is absolutely necessary, or you’re in violation of a minor misdemeanor.

That may have been obvious to you – basically it comes down to “if your dog poops, pick it up!” That’s just standard etiquette if you’re a responsible pet owner. But it actually goes a little further than that!

If you have your pet out on a walk, on any public or private property other than your own, you have to have bags, or some other method of dog poop pickup on your person or you are still in violation of the ordinance.

Cleveland Heights Animal Waste Pickup Laws

A city ordinance in Cleveland Heights makes it a fourth-degree misdemeanor to allow your pet to relieve themselves on any public property, except between curbs and alleys on public streets, or on some vacant lots.

And even if you limit your pet waste cleanup to those areas, it’s still a crime if you don’t clean it up and dispose of it in a proper waste receptacle! In fact, the ordinance states that if you don’t have a scooper, bag, or some other method of animal poop cleanup on your person, it’s a violation to even let your pet walk into someone’s yard at all!

Why Does Ohio Require Animal Waste Removal?

These are only a few of the local ordinances and laws that require dog poop cleanup while you’re out on a walk. Many cities and towns have similar laws about cleaning up after your pet, and not only because it’s the polite thing to do!

Dog poop in particular is highly acidic and can be damaging to grass and plants, but it also can be a source of harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Not to mention the smell!

That’s already a rude deposit to leave on a neighbor’s lawn, but when it rains, that waste is often washed away into local waterways and reservoirs, negatively affecting your local water supply.

A dropping or two isn’t going to poison the water, but dog poop removal is an especially big problem in highly-populated areas! In Franklin County alone, dogs create an estimated 100 tons of waste every day!

If nobody picks up after their pets, a good portion of that ends up in your water supply. So do the responsible thing and make sure you’re practicing responsible pet waste cleanup in Ohio. And if you don’t have time to do it yourself, you can call the Poo People to help!

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