Stop wasting your precious time cleaning up after pets and other animals, and let The Poo People handle it for you! The Poo People offer the best dog waste removal services in Cleveland and the surrounding areas.

Whether you need animal waste removed from your residence or outside your business, The Poo People are here to help. We offer animal poop cleanup services, goose dropping removal services, deodorization, and installation of animal feces removal stations. Contact us today to request a quote for any of our residential or commercial animal poop cleanup solutions.

Dog Poop Clean up in Cleveland

Residential and Commercial Animal Poop Removal Services in Cleveland

We offer both commercial and residential animal poop pick-up services, and we also install animal waste removal stations to make it easier for people to clean up after their own pets. Here’s how we work to keep your outdoor spaces clean, for both businesses and homes.

Our services include:

  • Pet/Animal poop pickup
  • Goose waste removal
  • Animal soil pick up stations
  • Lawn deodorization

…and more! Contact us to see how we can de-doodoo your outdoor space!

Commercial Animal Waste Removal

As business owners, we know you want your outdoor lawn area clean, safe, and welcoming for your clients and customers. At The Poo People, we strive to help business owners in the greater Cleveland area keep their outdoor spaces clean with our state-of-the-art commercial dog poop disposal services in Cleveland.

We have several services to keep the muck away from your business – no matter what kind of muck it is! From clearing out goose feces, to pet waste management, and more. Our commercial animal feces pick-up services give you the pet-friendly property your customers want, without the smell or the smears on your shoes.

Our professional Poo Crew will ensure that no poop is left behind. Call us, and your property will be cleared and smelling fresh before we leave.

Residential Animal Poop Removal in Cleveland

We help you maintain the clean and healthy lawn that you and your pets deserve at a price we know you’ll love. Nothing gets in the way of playtime quite like a big, stinky pile in your yard. So call The Poo People today and allow us to bring our residential animal waste pick up services in Cleveland to you!

Commercial Pet Waste Removal
Goose Pooop Removal in Cleveland

Cleveland Pet Poop Removal

When you call on The Poo People for animal poop cleanup in Cleveland, you are guaranteed a spotless lawn every time we visit. Whether you are dealing with geese, dogs, rabbits, or any other animal muck management concerns, our skilled cleaning technicians are ready to help. We can get your outdoor area or yard ready to welcome clients, customers, family, and friends in no time.

Geese Waste Removal in Cleveland

Does your property have a body of water on it that attracts geese? While these birds are generally harmless guests that are fun to watch, goose poop cleanup can be a pain, and it smells particularly foul. Our goose feces pick-up service in Cleveland is the perfect solution to your seasonal visitors’ unfortunate parting gifts. When we’re finished picking up what they dropped, your waterfront property will be looking and smelling the way it should.

Cleveland Pet Waste Removal Stations

One of the most efficient ways to implement effective pet waste removal management is by installing pet waste cleanup stations. Here at The Poo People, we offer the installation and maintenance of those stations, complete with bins and disposal bag dispensers, to make animal poop removal easy and convenient for your customers.

Cleveland Lawn Deodorizing Services

It is hard to fully enjoy your lawn when there is that distinct lingering scent in the air. We noticed this was a problem even after a thorough cleanup, and it got in the way of providing the clean lawn that our customers deserved.

As a result, we now offer lawn deodorizing services as part of our animal waste pick-up services in Cleveland. So now you can count on us to keep your yard looking and smelling great.

Lawn Deodorizing

“We have 3 Labrador retrievers. Three. Big ones. The Poo People has done a fantastic job of removing their waste, which is not an easy job. Poo People consistently makes our yard livable. They communicate well and are friendly, professional, and always timely. I definitely recommend their services, whether you have one pet or three big ones.”

–Pamela V.

Contact The Poo People in Cleveland

When it comes to pet waste removal services in Cleveland, nobody does it better than The Poo People. From pet and goose feces pick-up to deodorizing, our complete list of services will keep your lawn and your pets happy, healthy, and clean.

Contact us today for a quote on any of our residential or commercial animal poop cleanup services and see the difference that The Poo People can make.

We Scoop Your Dog's Poop in Cleveland

How Our Animal Waste Cleanup Service Works At The Poo People, our animal poop disposal service in Cleveland is done in four easy steps:

When you’re dealing with pet waste in your yard or near your commercial business, call The Poo People to clean it up for you, headache-free!

Our skilled cleaning technicians use the most modern pet waste removal techniques to make sure your outdoor area is clean.

After a visit from The Poo People, you will rest easy knowing that your yard or commercial outdoor space will be welcoming for visitors and free of pet waste!

When you refer a friend and they sign up for service, you’ll receive $30 off your next service!

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With The Poo People, you won’t have to ever worry about pet waste removal or management again! Let our skilled cleaning technicians take care of the dirty work while you relax.

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