Poo People

Maple Heights Pet Waste Removal for Dogs, Cats & Geese

Are you a resident of Maple Heights?  If so, then this interesting fact might just blow your mind!  Did you know that there are an estimated 9,000 dogs that live in your city?  It’s true!  On average 38.4% of Americans are dog owners which means that the 23,000 residents of Maple Heights are sure to have one thing in common…  Poop, poop & more poop.  Whether it’s raining, snowing or sun shining, our pets have to go #2 on a daily basis.  Over time those piles accumulate (if not picked up consistently) and can turn your yard into a disaster!  That’s where The Poo People can help.

We specialize in ensuring that all of your pet waste is removed.  Pooper scoopers work, but it’s easy to miss a pile here and there.  During the winter months all of the bathroom visits outside accumulate and the waste can actually break down and mirror that of dirt or soil.  If you’re wondering why your yard appears to be clean, but still has a smell – this is the primary reason.  We don’t just get the piles, but we get all of the residual debris too!  If you have a larger dog or multiple dogs, your backyard could easily turn into a mine field of sorts.  In addition, after we’ve finished cleaning up we also deodorize your yard to make sure that it just doesn’t look good – but smells good too!  

Not only to we specialize in dog poop removal, but we also care about our environment and the customers that we serve.  Our company provides advisory information related to any warning signs we might see in your dogs feces.  In addition, we provide you with a report card that details the entirety of the service performed when we ‘scoop the poop’.  We take pride in scooping every single pile and ensuring that your yard is clean, no matter what season it may be.

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